Trives Arm and shoulder bandage fixing scarf

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание In modern medicine, orthopedics plays an important role in prevention and treatment. Damage to the shoulder joint, arm and shoulder is a fairly common injury. This disease can limit your lifestyle, and the pain will cause discomfort. With such a problem, it is necessary to use bandages and orthoses for rehabilitation and recovery. So what orthopedic product should you choose in order to regain your health and get rid of pain? Let's figure it out together and in order for the recovery process to be quick and optimally comfortable, we recommend purchasing a bandage for injuries to the shoulder joint of the shoulder and arm from the manufacturer Trives T.30.02, which is made specially together with doctors for support and recovery during the treatment period from high-quality, durable, wear-resistant, washable material that does not cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. The supporting fixation scarf is a professional accessory for the health of the shoulder and arm, which is worn on the shoulder and shoulder joint for reliable fixation and stabilization using special straps. The arm bandage is equipped with a hole for the elbow joint; you will be quite comfortable, since the shoulder joint lock will hold the injured arm in the correct position and will reduce unpleasant pain. The shoulder orthosis on the elbow is a universal product suitable for adults, women, men, teenagers and children for the left and right arms. The shoulder bandage is used as a stand-alone rehabilitation aid or in combination with other orthoses or plaster in the postoperative period and for pathologies of the upper extremities, acute and chronic diseases of the shoulder joint and upper extremity, arthritis, arthrosis, plexitis, tendinitis, subacromial syndrome, myositis. When choosing a size, consider your clothing size. By choosing an orthopedic arm orthosis for a shoulder fracture or injury, you will receive a means to easily fix your arm in the desired position and achieve maximum effect during the recovery period.


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