Smoke sensor Livi FS-2

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание The wireless addressable fire detector monitors safety 24 hours a day and reports the appearance of smoke. The built-in siren will notify you of a fire and wake you up at night, saving you from poisoning by combustion products. The sensor works when connected via the Livi Smart Hub. Fire detection. If there is heavy smoke, a loud siren is activated, and alarm alerts are transmitted to the user’s smartphone and to the security company’s remote control simultaneously (if a security service is activated). The volume of the siren is comparable to the roar of a motorcycle with a muffler. Smoker warning mode. The device detects even slight smoke and sounds a short warning signal. No false alarms. The sensor is protected from false alarms in bright light conditions, and the smoke chamber has a metal mesh to protect against insects. Self-diagnosis. Livi FS-2 sends notifications to a smartphone about the need to clean the smoke chamber, about low battery charge and about opening the case. Livi FS-2 meets the fire safety requirements of GOST R 53325-2012 (section 4).
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  • Тип: Модуль расширения
  • Вид модуля: Датчик
  • Управление со смартфона: Да
  • Питание от: батареек
  • Бренд: LIVICOM
  • Цвет: Белый
  • Индикация: Светодиодная
  • Голосовой помощник: Алиса
  • Рабочее напряжение, В: 3
  • Монтаж: Открытый


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