Optima FW Lenses Bausch and lomb 4 pcs 8.7 -3

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Описание Quarterly eye lenses Optima FW 4 pieces from Bausch and Lomb Optima produced by Bausch Lomb have already won many fans - they are not at all expensive to use, but at the same time provide good quality of vision. Bausch&Lomb soft contact lenses with diopters are among the most popular due to their unsurpassed comfort. The material (Polimakon) from which hydrogel lenses are made is resistant to mechanical damage and protein deposits. Oxygen is supplied to the surface of the eye thanks to the smooth surface of the lens and its ultra-thin edges - therefore they are practically not felt on the eyes. Before use, you must consult with an optician (ophthalmologist) in order to select them ideally. Safe for health. Eye lenses with diopters in a package of 4 pieces (2 pairs) in blisters. Replacement mode 90 days (3 months). This package lasts for half a year. Radius 8.7. clear lenses for vision. For everyday wear, you need a solution (water, liquid) with a container for contact lenses. Country of origin: USA and Ireland. All diopters available.


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