Микроскоп Levenhuk 40L NG, 40-1280х, монокулярный

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Описание biological microscopes. Plane field transmitted light microscopes are called biological microscopes, despite the fact that they have long been used in other areas of science and technology (in microelectronics, geology, medicine ... With the help of plane field transmitted light microscopes, transparent and translucent objects can be viewed. There are also traditional object image contrasting methods (changing the intensity of light passing through the object in various ways) are implemented using additional units that microscopes are equipped with at the request of the consumer. Educational biological microscope LEVENHUK 40L NG. An excellent biological microscope is suitable for use in schools and lyceums as educational equipment, as well as for self-study of the microworld.Very high quality workmanship: The body and structural elements are all-metal, not plastic.The focusing mechanisms and the preparation table have a very smooth motion, without jerks and play.The swivel nozzle is fixed in any position, which creates additional convenience when observing. Eyepieces, objectives and all optical elements have very high transparency and several anti-reflection layers. All in all, it provides very high image quality and long service life, while the microscope does not require any special maintenance for the entire period. Specifications: Magnification Magnification depends from the lenses and eyepieces used (the lens is from below, the eyepiece is from above, they look into it). The microscope kit includes two eyepieces and three lenses, as well as a Barlow Lens, which allows you to change the magnification smoothly, and not in jumps. Eyepieces: 10x and 16x Objectives: 4x , 10x and 40x Barlow Lens: 2.0x So the minimum magnification: 10x Eyepiece * 4x Objective = 40x. Maximum Magnification: 16x Eyepiece * 40x Objective = 640x, and with Barlow Lens, the magnification smoothly reaches 640*2.0= 1280x! This microscope differs from others in two built-in illuminations with adjustable brightness. Both illuminators are LED illuminators, which ensures minimal power consumption with sufficient illumination. The illuminators are located on the top and bottom of the stage for preparations, which allows you to observe both transparent sections and opaque objects: from the smallest solid particles to coins, paper, clothes and more. (It is very interesting to look at the screen of a cell phone - it turns out that each dot on the screen consists of three segments of red, green and blue colors). Microscope type - light / optical, biological; Nozzle type - monocular; Optics material - optical glass; Nozzle - rotary ;Magnification, multiple - 40-1280;Diameter of the ocular tube, mm - 23.2;Eyepieces - WF10x, WF16x;Objectives - 4x, 10x, 40x;Revolving device - for 3 lenses;Subject table, mm - 90x90, with drug holders; Object stage movement range, mm - 0-15; Condenser - yes; Illumination - LED, halo
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  • Тип: Микроскоп
  • Принадлежности в комплекте: Линза Барлоу
  • Гарантийный срок : 12 месяцев
  • Страна-изготовитель: Китай


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