SET: Watch pager and call buttons (1h+5kn), for calling a waiter, staff, Qwik Pro administrator

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание A set of personnel calling system from the Qwik Pro company, including: 5 buttons for calling the Hookah man and the waiter Qwik.Pro, 4in1 model (Hookah, account, call and cancel). 1 Qwik.Pro pager watch for receiving a signal. All equipment is in Russian language. Intuitive interface. Radius - about 250 meters, in open space. Supplied with initial setup within the framework of linking buttons 1 to 5 to the watch + technical support number is included for advice.
Свойства товара
  • Бренд: Qwik.Pro
  • Тип: Пейджер для вызова
  • Цвет: Черный
  • Страна-изготовитель: Китай


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