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Описание An excellent 2.0 liter kettle for a large family, with a power of 1800 W. Boils water quickly. The automation will turn off the kettle if there is no water in it or it has boiled! For ease of use, the kettle is equipped with an operation indicator and a button to open the lid. A closed heating element will eliminate corrosion and scale. An electric kettle for the dacha, as a gift for mom on March 8 or grandma for the New Year. Kitchen goods! Not a mini electric ceramic kettle Polaris will decorate your kitchen! An electric kettle for the home, a March 8 gift for mom, a New Year's gift for grandma, a housewarming gift. You can always find our kettles by searching: electric kettles at a discount. A glass electric kettle or an electric metal kettle, and an electric kettle with lighting. Kitchen appliances household appliances are a great holiday gift! Cooking using kitchen appliances from our brands will make your recipes tasty and healthy! Devices for the kitchen - an electric kettle for the office - an extremely useful device for tasty and healthy nutrition. Preparing drinks for the garden, a kettle is a convenient gadget for preparing tasty and healthy food for weight loss. Key queries: electric kettles / electric kettle / electric kettles plastic / glass / metal / steel


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