UnGatto Grooming set of scissors for cutting cats and dogs

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание To care for the hair of your animals, our grooming kit for cutting cats and dogs will help you, consisting of 3 pairs of scissors: straight, thinning and curved. The multifunctional tool set also includes a metal comb, comb, and slicker brush for caring for your pet's fur and a suede cloth for caring for scissors. Everything is neatly packed in a stylish, high-quality organizer case with a zipper. Grooming scissors are an excellent alternative to animal clippers; your long-haired or short-haired cat or dog will feel comfortable. A grooming set of scissors with a limiter, a little finger lock and soft silicone inserts on rings will make caring for cat and dog hair an enjoyable procedure for everyone. The scissors are made of hand-sharpened stainless steel, and the ends are blunt so as not to injure or frighten the pet. The haircut can be done on a grooming table or any other convenient place. The universal set in a case can be used by both a professional groomer in a salon and just the owner of his pet. Careful care of the coat of cats, dogs and rodents will avoid tangles and keep the coat healthy and beautiful for a long time.


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