Set of fabric fitness bands, 3 pcs (10 kg, 17 kg, 25 kg)

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Описание A set of fabric fitness bands is the ideal solution for your workout! Our elastic bands are made in elegant colors - milk, caramel and chocolate. Fabric fitness bands are an indispensable tool for training at any level of intensity and physical fitness. Whether you're a professional athlete or new to fitness, we offer three levels of exercise that are suitable for both women and men. Milk - S (light 10kg), caramel - M (medium 17kg) and chocolate - L ( high 25 kg), for maximum training efficiency! Advantages of our fitness elastic bands Quality and functionality! Our elastic bands do not slip or roll down during training. Provide maximum comfort during use. The elastic bands are made of high-quality materials - premium cotton and latex threads. They are light, durable and pleasant to the touch. The bands can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle at 30°C. Work out anywhere, anytime! Fabric bands are a lightweight and portable exercise machine for training various muscle groups, including: glutes, back, legs and arms. In addition, elastic bands allow you to perform a variety of stretching and posture correction exercises. The compact size and convenient design allow you to use these elastic bands anywhere. No matter where you are, a set of fitness bands makes it possible to carry out your workouts easily and effectively. Explosive effect! Using fabric fitness bands to train your buttocks can lead to improved shape and stronger muscles. Elastic bands allow you to increase the load on the gluteal muscles, which promotes their active growth and development. In addition, exercises with bands can help improve blood circulation in the buttocks area, which helps reduce cellulite and improve overall skin health. Stylish Design! Our idea is a combination of stylish minimalism and functional use. The fitness bands we offer will not only help you achieve the desired results in sports, but will also be a great addition to your outfit due to their aesthetic appeal. This set of fitness bands will be the perfect choice for you!
Свойства товара
  • Тип: Фитнес-резинка
  • Длина, см: 42
  • Макс. нагрузка, кг: 25
  • Цвет: Коричневый, кремовый, светло-коричневый, шоколадный, бежевый
  • Страна-изготовитель: Китай


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