Bravus Stabilizer for smartphone camera with backlight and microphone

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Описание A handheld stabilizer for a camera and a smartphone is an ideal solution when you need to perform photo and video shooting along with lighting and sound recording. The platform for installing photo and video recording devices has a durable design and is made of ABS plastic, while the weight of the product without body kits is only 300 grams, so you can shoot for quite a long time by hand without feeling fatigue in your wrists. We also draw your attention to the fact that despite its light weight, the holder can withstand up to 3 kg of load, so you can attach it with all the necessary devices without fear of breaking it. An undeniable advantage is the comfortable sponge grip, which, in addition to being pleasant to the touch, also provides anti-slip protection, which is very important when shooting with expensive cameras. The lower part of the installation is equipped with special rails and legs, thanks to which you can easily install the structure on any horizontal surface. The tabletop holder for filming has special non-slip pads, preventing any slipping and dampening minor vibration during filming. The place for mounting a smartphone or video-photo camera has special tracks - grooves along which you can easily move the gadget right during shooting without fear of dropping expensive equipment. In this case, you do not need to perform complete dismantling; just loosen the gear slightly and move the camera in the desired direction or at the desired angle. The fastening type with 1/4 thread will allow you to attach a holder for a smartphone, GoPro camera, photo-video camera without much effort. Another special advantage is that our stabilizer is equipped with a backlight and a microphone. The backlight runs on 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included), has a glow temperature of 5500K, 49 LED balls and a brightness of 120 lumens. The camera light can be adjusted to 3 brightness levels by simply clicking a button on the back of the light. The microphone comes complete with wind protection, which makes it possible to shoot even in windy weather without much interference. We also draw your attention to the fact that the kit also includes a cable for connecting to a smartphone. This cable is not suitable for connecting to a photo-video camera. And if you want to record sound on the camera, you will need to purchase an AUX cable for the camera separately. The sliding smartphone holder can accommodate a gadget with a screen width from 5.6 to 8.5 cm, and it is also equipped with two threads to allow the smartphone to be installed in a vertical and horizontal position. Additionally, the inner surface is equipped with a special pad that protects the phone from scratches or accidental damage. A set for professional photo and video shooting is an excellent gift for both a novice blogger and a professional specialist. If you have been racking your brain for a long time about what to give to a person who is interested in photography or filming videos, feel free t


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