WoodenCountry Wooden wall map 160x90 cm for decoration

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание If you are looking for an original gift for both your loved ones and yourself, then we can please you, your search is over! Our wooden world map wall will suit you for many reasons. Firstly, the appearance and quality of the product. The scale is 160x90cm, the large map is made of the highest grade wood, and the names of countries, capitals, major cities, oceans and seas are applied using high-quality laser engraving. Secondly, our card comes with not 1, not 2, but 3 gifts! Famous landmarks will complement and decorate your map. Small red geotags will be useful for you to mark places that are significant to you. They can also indicate those cities and countries that you have visited or would like to visit. Well, a nice little thing that will remind you of future travels is our signature wooden keychain with a smaller version of the world map. Also included are boats, planes, a compass, islands and names of oceans. Thirdly, the interior decoration of the panel is in the form of a puzzle, so it is easy and fun to assemble for the whole family! Use the detailed instructions that come with the product, and also follow our small recommendations. The map will stick perfectly to a flat surface of the wall and wallpaper, since double-sided tape and adhesive tape are already glued to the parts to attach the picture, which we recommend peeling off carefully using a utility knife. To position the puzzle pieces correctly and evenly, follow the instructions. Fourthly, after installation, the wooden map will serve you as a decoration for your interior, adding comfort and warmth to your home. The decorative product will look good everywhere: in the living room, hallway, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and even in the nursery! With an interactive, physical world map, you can explore geography with your children, strengthening their education at home too! For the development of schoolchildren, reading a map will also ensure the memorization of countries and cities of Russia. It is not necessary to have books, globes, an atlas or a political map at hand to remember the name or location of a country. It will be enough, sitting in a cozy chair with a cup of tea, to pay attention to a large geographical map of the world, get carried away by it and spend time usefully. A geographic puzzle can be given as a gift to mom, dad, friend, colleague, beloved, beloved, husband, wife, for a child, a schoolchild, a teenager, and so on. It is also suitable for such holidays as birthday, New Year, anniversary, February 23, March 8, graduation, because the puzzle card has a universal gift wrapping. If you want to make the panel map more voluminous with a 3D effect, emphasize the outline of the map with an additional indentation from the edge and securely fix the structure on the wall, you will need our backing (art. 104590613) with remote holders. Our Earth is diverse and consists of a huge number of countries, states and republics, so all its beauty from the geographical side is ref


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