AGT Geocenter Children's wall map of the world 137x97cm, laminated

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание World map for children, size 137x97 cm. Contains hundreds of stunning illustrations that will introduce the child to the flora and fauna of the whole world, sights of different countries, local customs, traditions and games. By studying this bright map, the child will find out where lamas live, in which countries they dance samba and are fond of birling. The children's world map also contains information about famous travelers, ships and aircraft, which will allow children to learn more about geographical discoveries, the history of aviation and navigation. The card is laminated with a matte anti-reflective film, which protects it from damage and extends its service life. Attaches to the wall using double-sided tape or buttons. The card is packaged in a transparent polyethylene sleeve and a durable cardboard tube that protects the card during transportation.


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