Stencil mandala 47.1/548

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Описание Reusable stencil for wall decoration, also suitable for decoupage, furniture decor, fabric and ceramics. Stencil material: transparent plastic 0.25mm and 1mm thick. Recommendations for choosing thickness: Initially, we used 1mm thick material for stencils for plaster, and 0.25mm for painting. We conducted experiments and came to the conclusion that painting stencils are also suitable for working with decorative plaster. Therefore, when choosing a thickness, focus on the depth of texture you want to get as a result. The price includes packaging for transportation. Delivery costs may vary depending on region.
Свойства товара
  • Материалы: пластик, трафарет пластиковый, трафарет многоразовый, трафарет
  • Размер: 58*58


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