Durable 8X19s+FC Black Steel Wire Rope 14mm

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Описание Introducing the Durable 8X19s+FC Black Steel Wire Rope 14mm, a high-quality and reliable solution for all your wire rope needs. Crafted with precision and designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this steel wire rope is the epitome of durability and strength.Constructed with a unique 8X19s+FC configuration, this wire rope offers exceptional flexibility and resistance to abrasion. Its black coating not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides added protection against corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.With a diameter of 14mm, this wire rope is ideal for heavy-duty lifting and rigging tasks. Whether you're in the construction industry, marine sector, or any other field that requires robust wire ropes, this product is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.The ungalvanized steel used in the manufacturing of this wire rope ensures its longevity and reliability. It is designed to withstand extreme loads and harsh environments, making it a perfect choice for demanding applications. Additionally, the absence of attributes allows for a versatile usage, catering to a wide range of industries and purposes.Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this wire rope. Each strand is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum strength and durability, providing you with a product that you can rely on for years to come. Furthermore, our stringent quality control measures guarantee that you receive a wire rope that meets the highest industry standards.Whether you need a wire rope for lifting heavy machinery, securing cargo, or any other application that requires strength and reliability, the Durable 8X19s+FC Black Steel Wire Rope 14mm is the perfect choice. Invest in this exceptional product and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have chosen the best in the industry.Don't settle for subpar wire ropes that compromise safety and performance. Choose the Durable 8X19s+FC Black Steel Wire Rope 14mm and elevate your operations to new heights. Order now and experience the difference firsthand.Production Information :
Свойства товара
  • Model NO: 8*19S+FC
  • Wide in Widt: 1.8M
  • Surface Treatmen: Black
  • Metal Wire Drawin: Cold Drawing
  • Statu: Soft State
  • Thicknes: Metal Fiber
  • Tensile Strengt: 1770MPa
  • Colo: Multicolour
  • Qualit: Excellent
  • La: Rhol
  • Surfac: Ungalvanized
  • Transport Packag: Wooden Reel
  • Specificatio: 8*19S
  • Trademar: NANTONG JULONG
  • Origi: Nantong, China
  • HS Cod: 73121000
  • Production Capacit: 300tons/Month


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