Abu-Cross Nike Dunk Winter Shoes for Teens

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Описание The Abu-Cross store offers a wide range of winter sneakers for children, teenagers, women, men. The most trendy model of this season is NikeDunk sneakers. The history of NikeDunk sneakers began in 1985 and immediately won the love of basketball players. The high-top, leather NikeDunk sneakers held my foot well and looked great. In early 2002, NikeDunk sneakers were redesigned by the division for skateboarding enthusiasts. From that moment on, DANKs became an integral part of skate culture. In 2017, NikeDunk celebrated its 15th anniversary. Nowadays they are considered the company's most popular sneakers. Limited collections and many colors are proof of this. The combination of several cream shades makes the design of these sneakers truly special. Carelessly released threads immediately make it clear that you are wearing a pair from a premium line. The flat, stable sole is perfect even for the rainy autumn season. Thanks to the high wear resistance of the sole and upper materials made of genuine leather, this pair of sneakers will faithfully serve you for many seasons. Resistant to moisture, gravel, uneven asphalt. Easy to clean and care for.


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