Поводок-рулетка для собак waudog r-leash модели "harley queen".

Гарантия возврата денег, если товар не подойдёт

Свойства товара
  • img: ['https://images.prom.ua/4006855523_povidets-ruletka-dlya-sobak.jpg', 'https://images.prom.ua/4006855524_povidets-ruletka-dlya-sobak.jpg', 'https: //images.prom.ua/4006855525_povidets-ruletka-dlya-sobak.jpg']
  • url: https://besplatka.ua/ru/obyavlenie/povidec-ruletka-dlya-sobak-waudog-r-leash-malyunok-xarli-247414
  • City: Kyiv
  • description: WAUDOG roulette leashes are ergonomic design, convenient functionality, reliable construction and unique design patterns. Advantages: – the stylish design of the leash will clearly distinguish your dog from others; – the ergonomic handle is ideal for long walks; – the two-stage brake system provides the possibility of braking or complete stop of the tape; – a unique mechanism for winding the tape prevents tangling; – innovative drawing technology. WAUDOG – surprise your dog! Characteristics: Material: Plastic Color: Black Article: 8124-1016-01 Length: 500 cm Availability: In stock


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