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Описание Product DescriptionOrganic Germanium is white powder, tasteless, not soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, soluble in alkali; its maximum solubility in water is 10.8g/L,PH of saturated aqueous solution=2.5~2.6; chemical name: carboxylethyl germanium sesquioxide; molecular formula:(CH2CH2COOHGe)2O3. What is Organic Germanium?Ge-132 is involved in the metabolism of the body, containing a number of Ge-0 bonds, which has a strong ability to oxidize and dehydrogenation. Combined with human hemoglobin, to ensure the oxygen metabolism of cells. Because it carries the negative charge of oxygen atoms to capture the hydrogen in the metabolic products, play a role in the purification of blood, so it is beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with Alzheimer's disease. The organic germanium blood stimulation, increase in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin, stimulation of platelet production and elimination of the vessel wall lipid attachment, so there are certain curative effect on anemia and high cholesterol and diabetes. Organic germanium on some cancer, immune dysfunction, osteoporosis, premature aging, hypertension, have certain health care function.1. To enhance the body's immunity; 2. To regulate blood pressure, lipids, blood sugar, and other physiological functions; 3. Extensive treatment of cancer; 4. Anti-carcinogenic; 5. Health care; 6. Obvious anti-aging effectiveness; 7. The effectiveness of cosmetic whitening.For health care products, medicine and cosmetics, etc.1. Health care products: soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet and other dosage forms. 2. Cosmetic: cream, skin milk.You May LikeWhy Choose Us?Logistic & PaymentUSA Warehouse
Свойства товара
  • Model NO: Germanium Powder
  • Nutrient Compositio: Germanium
  • Resourc: Chemosynthesis
  • The content of active substance: 99%
  • Sampl: Free Sample
  • Appearanc: White Powder
  • Certificat: Organic/ISO/Kosher/Halal/FDA
  • CO: Available
  • Other Nam: Germanium Powder
  • Molecular Weigh: 72.61
  • Product Nam: Germanium Powder Price
  • Transport Packag: Aluminum Foil Bag/Cardboard Barrel
  • Specificatio: 99%
  • Trademar: SOST
  • Origi: China
  • Production Capacit: 50000kgs/Month


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